Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX
Birth By Sleep Final Mix - Disney Worlds


"My dream is to become a Keyblade master."

This is a battle song.


ok trying another style which I think makes things cuter  (ノʘ‿ʘ)ノalso can someone see he has freckles???  (✿◠‿◠) aaah kawaii desu ne.

where there is light, there is also your shadow.


if Vanitas was apart of the crew


When we first published this article on the trailer about the Disney worlds of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, one of the most common comments we recieved was about how fans wished the trailer was available in the English language. While we here at KHInsider are unsure if Square Enix and Disney will ever release an official English version of these world trailers (including two trailers from Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix), we decided it was up to us in order to meet fan expectation and release an unofficial English version of this trailer.

Nearly everything in this video, including dialogue, music, and sound effects, have been edited in order to make English speaking fans enjoy this preview. Unfortunately, due to the differences between the Japanese and English dialect, the mouth movements in the Japanese game different from the English game. While we have tried our best to match the English dialogue with the Japanese mouths, you will have to excuse any issues with the lip sync. We hope that you can overlook that and enjoy a little preview into whatKingdom Hearts Birth by Sleephas to offer in High Definition.

We hope you enjoy this unofficial trailer, edited by the site staff from KHInsider.


"Somewhere out there, there’s this tree with star-shaped fruit. And the fruit represents an unbreakable connection. So as long as you and your friends carry good luck charms shaped like it, nothing can ever drive you apart. You will always find your way back to each other."


That’s the power of the Keyblade.


Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix Trailer ~ Wyafinder Trio


Wayfinder Trio

I didn’t like so much the 2.5 cover…so…i try to make mine (don’t look good anyway)

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